Yoga Instructors


Breanna Stutheit

Owner & Yoga Instructor

Breanna has been practicing yoga since high school. Breanna started yoga as a fitness competition with a girlfriend. The competition was – who can go to the most 6 a.m. classes. Breanna says “The idea entered my mind the first time I sat down on my mat and looked around the room and thought that maybe, just maybe, I could do this for the rest of my life”. Five short years later Breanna has opened Breeze Yoga Ltd. In Breanna’s words:

I fell in love with Yoga and only after a few years of practicing I decided I needed to learn more. That’s when I began my first of many teacher training’s. I have my 200 hours from SID Yoga, 50 hours Yin (Bernie Clark), 55 hours Acro Yoga from Acro Muse, Unnata Aerial Yoga training level 1, Rainbow Kids Certification, and Baby Bliss Prenatal certified.i finished my 300 hours from Sempreviva, though that training I received my restorative yoga certification, chair yoga certification, prenatal yoga certification, meditative revealed certification, and more! Since then I have completed my Buti Yoga certification. I strongly believe that yoga is a lifelong practice and is something that requires continuous learning. This is just the beginning!

Yoga has been a beautiful amazing journey. My practice has transitioned from a physical practice, to physical and emotion practice, to a physical emotional and spiritual practice. For me yoga is not about being connected to an ancient religion, but I have been able to connect and find a new depth in my Christian faith through my yoga practice. Yoga brings balance to my life, and allows me to attain a new perspective.

I hope that each of you is inspired when you attend our classes; I look forward to connecting with you and personally welcoming you into our community!

Shaela Brandt

Yoga Instructor


Hi there, my name is Shaela! Just like the rest of the warm staff at Breeze I am very passionate about yoga. My first studio practice was a life changing experience for me. I never knew such a welcoming community existed and from that first session I knew I wanted to surround myself with all the beautiful feelings, people and practices that came with yoga! From there I worked on a more spiritual practice for the next year or so before evolving my practice to include power and heat. Now you will find me at any class between a quiet morning yin to a hot and sweaty power flow!

As enthused as I am about my practice I am passionate about guiding clients of the studio through a strong and meditative practice that leaves you feeling accomplished. I have completed 200 yoga teacher training hours locally for Hot Traditional Hatha and another 32 hours (also locally) for Yin and look forward to many more yoga intensives!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga in our community and would be honoured to have you join me for a class at Breeze!

Kelli McKenzie

Yoga Instructor


As a wife and mother of three, yoga has taught me how to remain grounded during this roller coaster called life. My personal yoga practice varies from challenging goal driven mat time to a yin based, or restorative practice, to simply one long savasana.

Trained in Hatha Yoga with Anusara inspiration, I completed two hundred hours yoga teacher training with the incredible tribe of teachers at Gaiatri Yoga in Calgary, Alberta. Along this yogic journey I have become certified in pre/post natal yoga and completed a workshop with YogaKids.

Combining the physical postures of yoga with pranayama and meditation, my teaching focuses on alignment and connecting the mind with body and soul… our highest self.

Yoga is the human quest for remembering our true nature, our deepest selves.

Inspired by nature and guided from the heart, I strive to share a unique perspective on life. Our journey together will be to look at life through the lens of the chakra’s (the architecture of our soul), Yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy. Together we will illuminate an empowering path of self-care, compassion and we will embrace the power of breath, mindfulness and love.

May you seek to know the vastness of your light.