Energy Exchange Program

Do you love yoga but have a hard time fitting it into your budget?

Breeze Yoga’s Energy Exchange Program is designed for anyone who may not be able to include yoga into their monthly budget. Maybe you are a student, maybe you’re a single income family. Maybe you just want to volunteer your time with amazing added perks. Either way we want to make yoga available to you!

How it works

As a Karmie, you volunteer five hours each week (on a set scheduled day) in exchange for a Karmie Premium Membership! This offers you unlimited yoga (basic classes and pre-registered classes), 15% off Events/Workshops, 15% off Products (excludes MalaLily Jewelry), Mat Storage, and unlimited Child Minding when available.

* We also have other options available for On-Call and Hourly Karmies too.

**We do require a criminal record check and current First Aid for chosen applicants

Types of Karmies

1. Studio Karmie

A studio Karmie assists the teachers with signing students into class, do laundry, prepare warm lavender cloths, clean the studio and other small tasks.

2. Child Minding Karma

A Child Minding Karma assists in our child minding program. We do prefer if you have a career working with children or are a mother. We have unique requirements for this type of Karma. Please email Marsha at for more information.

To apply please fill out the application below and submit it.

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How did you hear about us?

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What do you enjoy about yoga?

What have you learned since you have started practicing yoga?

Do you like children?

Do you have your first aid? (When does it expire?)

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