After School Program

Did you know that we will pick your little yogi up from school?! Yes you read that right! The kids get to enjoy all types of yoga, Aerial, Acro, and more! Then afterword your swing by to pick them up from the yoga studio!

Kids will be picked up from school. This is restricted to south end schools. Kids 5 and up are driven directly to the studio for the day’s activity. After work you can come by to pick them upĀ approximately 5:15. Our program runs with your kids school days. If they have school we are there. If for any reason such as a holiday or snow day then the program will not run. The catch is that if your little is sick and not at school, we must be informed!

It is a One school year commitment. It costs $600 per month. There is a special on, if you register before July 15 it is only $540! You can pay bi weekly, monthly, or annually. If you would like to cancel early there is a fee of 50% of what is remaining. For example if there is four months left then $1200 is the cancellation fee. Annual payments will not be refunded in the case of a cancellation. We like to be reasonable and empathetic to your life! If something unexpected occurs in your life, talk to us! We can see how we can help.

We will be hosting a kids class on July 11. It is a Wednesday, this is for the kids to come and try out our yoga, meet their teachers, and see their studio! It also creates a wonderful environment for you to feel out the studio, ask questions!

Please contact the studio if you have any questions or would like to register for our open house on July 11. Call NOW! 403-596-9642