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Breeze Yoga

100, 230 Lake St.

Red Deer County, AB, T4E1B9



October 20, 2016

New Yoga student

4321 First Street

Any town, AP(any province) postal code


Dear New Yoga Student,

Welcome to Breeze Yoga! We are really excited to have you in our ‘home’ we hope that with some time it will become your home too. Our family (staff) is here to help you. If there is anything you might need please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have any questions we are here for you.

What to expect from your fist class

Take a moment to think. What do you want to get out of coming to yoga? Stress relief? Increased strength? General health? Meditation? Some quality ‘me’ time? If you have the moment give us a call, shoot us a email or Facebook message, we are happy to guide you towards a class that is suitable for your needs. You can also see our class descriptions here. Otherwise pick a time that works for you and just come on into the studio. Attending a studio for the first time you will come in, fill out a waiver and receive a tour. Take some time to get some tea or water and place your things in a locker. When you are ready you can head into the studio and choose a empty Breeze Yoga mat to lay your mat over top of. Help yourself to any props in the closet. The teacher may have some props on his or her mat as a signal that you will need those props during class. Now breathe. You made it!! That’s the hardest part. Get comfy and start to relax. Our teachers are here to guide you, listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right then don’t do it! Our studio doesn’t have mirrors so we encourage our students to listen mindfully to the cue’s given and begin to feel your body. Our instructors will come around and give a guiding hand to get you into alignment or allow you to find a different depth. They are doing this out of love. In our minds you are a human being with a body. That is all. You are not labeled as good or bad, we let go of judgement and expectations. As a yoga teacher I encourage you to let go of judgement on yourself as well as to let go of your expectations on yourself, just be. Enjoy the journey and the experience of the class. Towards the end of your class your teacher will come around and offer a aromatherapy service accompanied by a adjustment. This usually occurs during savasana(final resting posture). If you prefer not to have this service just let your teacher know when he or she gets to you.

Our facility

During select times of the day we offer child minding for your little ones just down the hall from the studio! We are a family friendly studio who knows just how important it is to have your kids in a positive, clean, and loving environment.

We have instant hot and cold filtered water for your pleasure, grab some David’s Tea before or after class and snag a spot on the couch with some of our other members. Breeze Yoga is about community. Welcome each other. Ask their names. Making a new friend at Breeze is just as easy as it was in kindergarten! We have free lockers for you to use and have some piece of mind, we ask that all cell phones and personal belongings go in there. In the bathrooms you will find hair elastics, Bobbi pins, mouth wash and more. Please take and use what you need.

Towards the end of your practice the instructor will come around with a warm or hot lavender cloth for your comfort, there is a laundry basket for them in the hall way after class. At the end of your class we ask all students to spray and wipe down their mats and put away your props.

Our promise to you

We promise you that you will have a enjoyable experience in our ‘home’. If that is not the case speak to Breanna directly and I will give you a refund!

Know your options

You can see all of our pricing options hereĀ and purchase them here. We highly recommend trying out our intro offer, two weeks of unlimited yoga for $50! This gives you a opportunity

to try a variety of different classes and times that may work for you, in addition once your two weeks is up you are eligible for 10% off your first month on any of our memberships.

We are ecstatic to meet you and welcome you into our home! See you soon.


Sincerely yours,

Breanna and the Breeze Family