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Why do a 30 day yoga challenge?

Yoga is a practice, each time we lay our our mat it is a new experience. In some cases its new postures. We each have had a new day! With slightly different emotions, activities, and experiences. Our mat brings us to a space where we can let go. Each class has a portion of it dedicated to guided relaxation, breath work, and physical postures.dedicating your self to a 30 day challenge is dedicating your self to self improvement for 30 days. Giving you stress relief and better sleep. Most of us are constantly living in our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) this is a huge reason for lack of sleep. The more often you put your self into a relaxed parasympathetic state the quicker your body learns transition into the relaxed state. Allowing you to sleep better. A dedicated practice will improve your over all flexibility, fitness, and balance. For most of us taking care of your body will boost your energy levels.

Over the course of 30 days you will have the opportunity to take a variety of classes with a variety of teachers. This gives you the opportunity to find out what you enjoy and maybe what you don’t. As well as what you need. Along the way you will recognize familiar faces in your classes and really find a strong sense of community.

Yoga teaches us gratitude and to let go of judgement. Over the 30 days you will start to see your mental and emotional state transform, your mood will improve little by little. All of a sudden we are truly stopping to smell the roses. We are also falling in love with how incredible our bodies are, no matter the shape or size. Yoga over all brings a sense of joy into your life again.

What if 30 day is not realistic for you? Well 30 days may not be but 20 days or 15 is. Sign up anyways and set your own realistic goals for your life. At Breeze we suggest you come on average five days a week to yoga(during a challenge), if everyday is not attainable and a minimum of 3 to see the benefits come alive in your life.

We are on this wild and crazy journey of life together, so join our community for 30 days see what this yoga thing is truly about first hand. If you are interested in a 30 day yoga challenge at Breeze Yoga. Purchase Here, and see event info Here